Portrait Photographer

It is the job of a portrait photographer to take pictures of individuals or groups of people either in a studio or on location. Some portrait photographers specialise in weddings, religious ceremonies or school photographs, while others run their own studios and take pictures of families, friends, children, or pets, whatever you want them to photograph really.

A photo portrait is not just a snapshot of someone's face; it is more about a person's likeness. A good portrait should express the person's inner self, attitudes and personality by capturing the face and body in different ways. The aim of a portrait photograph is to tell us something about the subject.

To effectively create this image a photographer often uses controlled lighting, posing, and props, which is why the majority of portraits are taken in photographic studios. If you are thinking of hiring a portrait photographer to take pictures for you then make sure you visit a few photographers and view their portfolios before you choose which one to go with. The cheapest or most expensive photographer is not necessarily the worst or best, you must first check that they take photographs in a style you like, and be sure to explain to them exactly what it is you want.

It is also helpful to take along props, such as musical instruments, toys, or sports equipment, that reflect your interests and hobbies as these can be included in the shot to give a bit more information about your personality.

Some of the world's most famous portrait photographers have been responsible for photographs that captured the hearts of generations and created a timeless image of celebrities, politicians and other well-known characters.

Among them is the photographer Yousuf Karsh (1908 – 2002), whose The Roaring Lion photograph of a stern-faced Winston Churchill, is one of the most well known portrait photographs in the world and became a symbol of unconquerable England in World War II. Other famous faces to be captured on film by Yousuf Karsh include Albert Einstein, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Muhammed Ali, Laurence Olivier, and Dwight Eisenhower.