Special Occasion Photographer

Whatever special occasion you are celebrating, from a wedding to a christening, a graduation or a 60th birthday, you'll want to have great photos of that special day to treasure forever.

And that is where a professional special occasions photographer can help, as they are specially trained in the art making the memories of your special day last forever. Most special occasion photographers work from shops and galleries, where you can visit to see other events they've photographed, while others simply work from the spare room in their home.

In addition, you will find that some photographers will undertake all types of photography; from photojournalism to special events, where as other photographers specialise in weddings and portraits.

This will mean that while some businesses photograph hundreds of events and celebrations a year, others will only photograph a few, so be sure you know exactly how much experience they have before you hire a photographer.

There are a number of different types of special occasions photography, which are most commonly associated with wedding photography, but can be used for other celebrations too. They include:

Photojournalistic Photography
Also known as candid photography, this type involves capturing the occasion in a similar way to how a newspaper photojournalist captures an event or news item. Photos taken in this way are often angled, candid, and original with a documentary feel to them. One of the best things about this type of photography is that it shows the party guests being themselves, as the photographer catches them in natural poses.
Formal Photography
This is probably the most common and most well known type of photography and is particularly well used at weddings. Formal photography is where the party host or bride and groom and guests pose before each photo is taken. In most cases this type of photography will only take in the wedding, graduation or awards ceremony and special posed pictures afterwards in a chosen location.
Artistic Photography
These days there is a growing trend towards having artistic photos by which to remember your special event. There are many types of artistic-style photography, ranging from the type of materials used and the way the photographs are processed to the way the photographer decides to shoot the photos. The photographer often takes different types of photographs in this style, such as sepia or black and white prints.